Agile Data Engineering Sprints: 2-week implementation

Appsfactory GmbH

With this offering you get 1 experienced data engineer, supporting you and your team with regards to Azure data technology and solutions for a 2-week sprint. The work support can be easily extended.

Clients get access to Appsfactory’s know-how and resources regarding Data Engineering. The service bundle contains consulting, implementation and testing of specific data engineering tasks. The work will be done using agile methodology in regular exchange with the client. The smallest iteration duration is 2 weeks.

Target Audience:

  • Data and AI teams in all kind of industries (Experience is already available for Media, Automotive, Health, Manufacturing and Governmental)

What will you get: ● Initial clarification between our AI/BI lead and the client team, especially regarding scope, working mode, tooling and coding guidelines ● A clear definition and integration plan, how the team will leverage the Azure solutions (listed down below) in order to fulfill the requested scope ● Mutual review and evaluation of tasks by Appsfactory’s data engineer(s) ● Expert feedback and implementation consultancy in all agile meetings ● Working results, comprised of code, documentation and testing ● Upon request: Next steps for your case

Supported Azure Solutions: ● Analytics ● Data Platform ● Big Data

Prerequisites: ● Access to tools and data have to be granted to Appsfactory upfront (under NDA if required)