Azure Virtual Desktop: 1 Day Quick-Start Workshop


Deploy and scale virtualised Windows Desktops & Apps in Azure Virtual Desktop is a service that is revolutionising desktop and app virtualisation.

As a company, you want to be attractive both for your (existing) employees and for future applicants? Then it is essential to offer them a modern workplace.

In the meantime, home office has become a permanent feature in many companies. Employees have become accustomed to working from home and would like to maintain it completely or at least partially. It is now your responsibility and in your interest to make data, documents and systems available centrally so that your employees can access them from home at any time and work flexibly and securely.

With Azure Virtial Desktop (AVD), you can easily bring the familiar working environment into the living room of your team members. Thanks to virtualisation in the cloud, the desktop looks the same and the applications and systems are available just as they are in the office. And on any device.

In our AVD workshop, we will show you how to virtualise your workplaces, which requirements are necessary for this and how you can enable your employees to work from anywhere on all end devices. In the compact 1-day workshop, our experienced consultants show you how AVD works and the advantages it offers you and your company. Based on your specifications, they implement requirements and introduce you to the material.

    What we offer:
  • 1-day workshop based on your individual requirements with one of our Azure experts
  • Development of a PoC for the set-up of your Windows Virtual Desktop
  • incl. test access for your entire team