Citrix on Azure: 2-Day Workshop by AppSphere


With the growing demand for companies in global commerce, systems must also become more flexible and secure.

An easily controllable and monitorable infrastructure that can nevertheless grow flexibly and is globally available. Thanks to its long-term expertise and experts within the Microsoft and Citrix area AppSphere developed solutions and procedures to overcome those challenges. The company offers customized solutions in order to enable companies to realize an optimized deployment of a “ready to use” Citrix environment on Azure.

Choose flexibly between different levels of cloud usage so that you have the power of choice of your individual deployment at any time.

Workshop Deliverables:

    We will analyze the potential of your citrix-based digital-workplace-platform.

Agenda: Day 1-2:

  • Workshop prep with supporting materials
  • Situation analysis & recording of your requirements
  • Introduction Citrix on Azure
  • Explanation of the added value for your company
  • Demonstration of application Scenarios
  • Evaluation & Conclusion: Definition of the next steps
  • Review of all all things covered