Migration of SCCM applications to Intune for Azure Virtual Device Management: 1 month Service Implementation


A price per package service that uplifts existing SCCM managed applications and packages them for successful Intune deployment to Azure Virtual Devices and Physical devices

This Implemented Application Packaging Service is designed for larger Organisations that require to migrate their Application management from on Premise MECM (SCCM), to MEM and Cloud management, for deployment to Azure Virtual devices or physical hardware. APPtechnology gather your existing SCCM (MECM) applications, rationalise them to ensure only current applications are taken forwards, and then re-package each approved application for deployment via Intune to enable your Cloud first Policies. The service can include publishing back to Intune, and allocation to agreed Test or Pilot groups for distribution. Having your applications packaged and available on Intune will allow full Intune and Autopilot usage, and simplify application deployments to Azure Virtual Devices as well as physical devices.

The Service can be scaled to any volumes up to 150 applications per month per customer. Pricing is indicative of 20 applications per month