Data Discovery as a Service: 1-Week Assessment

Apption Corporation

DDaaS is for Data Analysts, Security, and Privacy roles to be able to analyze and understand in detail the PII and Data Quality risk of Azure data assets or other data assets to improve data use.

Our Data Discovery as a Service is for those organizations that want to rapidly assess data sources for PII, sensitive data, data quality, and data regulation compliance.

Using our unique process and Datahunter AI technology, you will receive a full data discovery, classification and catalog report on your target data source. Our process reviews your data at the raw data rather than relying on column headers and other identifiers. You can gain complete visibility like never before. Our analysis will include recommendations and findings to improve your data protection, data quality, and data use.

Data Discovery as a Service can be a one-time assessment or an ongoing service that will provide discovery, classification, and recommended actions. Additionally, Apption provides services to implement recommendations which can expand the Data Discovery as a Service offering into a fully managed Data Stewardship solution to more effectively use and expand Azure data storage and use capabilities.

DDaaS is Perfect for:

  • Organizations looking to save costs on unnecessary data storage

  • Cleaning up digital landfill and dark data assets

  • Identifying PII and other sensitive data within your data assets

  • Providing data source analysis for data regulation compliance and IT Security audits

  • Facilitating data science with rapid assessment of data quality, relationships, bias, and other data quality metrics

  • Prepare data for cloud migration into Azure environments

  • Identify sensitive data stored within unintended fields or data sources