Apption Data Privacy Assessment : 1 Week

Apption Corporation

Our Privacy Assessment gives you a deep analysis of your Azure data for PII. Ensure you are managing these sensitive data assets, and find new uses to expand your use of Azure data services.

Apption's CyberSecurity and Data Privacy Assessment provides organizations with a full analysis of their data assets resulting in a clear understanding of the privacy, data protection requirements, and cybersecurity needs. Ensuring a strong data privacy capability ensures confidence in expanding your Azure data lake, PowerBI, and other data centric technologies in Azure.

Typically over a 1 week timeframe, our Gold Certified Data Analysts equipped with our unique process and proprietary Datahunter application will work with your team. The assessment provides the recommendations to implement better data protection in Azure and our team will also impart our knowledge to ensure your team is equipped to continue to maintain your Azure data environments. We also implementation our Datahunter platform as a free trial so you can also continue to analyze Azure, PowerBI, and other data assets for trends, compliance, and proactive data protection.

What you will get:

  • A complete report per data asset outlining privacy data found, data quality issues, environment security vulnerabilities and the solutions to correct each finding (Encryption, Masking, Obfuscation, Search Indexing, and more)
  • An assessment of your privacy data to determine fully, partially, and potentially identifiable individuals
  • An overview of the effectiveness of your existing data protection methods
  • Recommendations for improving your data protection
  • A full assessment that can be used to satisfy audit or executive management reporting requirements
  • Assurance that your Azure Data Assets, PowerBI, and other data initiatives in Azure are compliant to data privacy regulations

Our CyberSecurity and Data Privacy Assessment is a full-service offering and can be combined with other Apption Services into a customized offering to suit each organizations needs.