Cloud-Native Landing Zone: 2-week Implementation end to end delivery


Our Cloud Native Landing Zone is an automated, secure, scalable way to build and maintain your Azure cloud foundation for any future workloads you want to deploy into cloud.

Starting in the cloud, the right way, is hard. Doing it with the appropriate multi team cloud set up is even harder. Our Azure Cloud Native Landing Zone framework delivers customers on path to building and maintaining Azure landing zones for operating in the cloud, securely

Our Azure certified Solutions Architects work with your cloud teams to map out your technical and business requirements in a design session to build an automated and repeatable infrastructure to protect your organization against unmanaged cloud sprawl, both in terms of security and cost.

Included in our Cloud Native Landing Zone Delivery: Current State Assessment- We meet you where you are and help you define/ build your Azure Cloud Strategy based on where you are on your cloud journey.

Design the Azure Landing Zoe: Following the well-architected approach, we implement documented configuration from Azure.

CI/CD for Azure: Ensuring security and policy enforcement, we set up your CI pipelines with least privileged access controls.

Knowledge Transfer- We end each engagement with demos and shadow training to embed the knowledge to customers on the path of fast Azure Cloud adoption.

All of the above sets up the creates a perfectly tailored environment to scale while managing subscriptions and resources efficiently.