Docker 1-Day Workshop


This one-day course provides developers the core foundation on Docker Container format and tooling.

Gain hands-on experience in this one-day workshop. Docker is the latest in virtualization and cloud computing. Equip your team to containerize workloads in Docker containers.

By the end of this course, developers will understand how to create, deploy, secure and manage the life-cycle of Docker containers.

The topics covered include:

  • Installing Docker
  • Why Containers?
  • Docker architecture
  • Linux processes, cgroups and namespaces
  • Creating your first Dockerfile
  • Dockerfile Deep Dive
  • Strategies for building Docker images
  • Considerations for creating small, lean Docker containers
  • Container registries
  • Docker Compose for multi-container applications and local development
  • Persistence
  • Docker security
  • CI/CD automation considerations with containers
  • Orchestrating complex container-based applications

The workshop is $995 per person with a minimum of 5 participants.