Kubernetes on Azure 2-Day Workshop


Two Days of Intense Kubernetes on Azure Training

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the container orchestration platform of choice for organizations deploying applications into the cloud. Ramp up your development and operations team members with this “hands-on”, deeply technical bootcamp.

The Bootcamp Agenda:

Day 1 Outline

  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Setting up your environment.
  • The Todo list microservices application overview
  • Pods - the unit of deployment in K8S
  • Services - How do pods find each other?
  • Deployments - enable you to perform rolling upgrades, rollback, and scale up/scale down your services.
  • Storage - Volumes, Persistent Volumes, Persistence Volume Claims, Storage Classes.
  • ConfigMaps - ConfigMaps enable you to define a configuration that is accessible as environment variables, files in a volume or command line arguments.
  • Daemonsets - Running pods that need to run on all or some nodes continuously e.g. for log aggregation.
  • Jobs - Deploying jobs on K8S.
  • Introduction to Helm - Package manager for K8S deployment.

Day 2 Outline

  • Statefulsets - Using statefulsets to deploy services that require role differentiation across the cluster. For example, mysql database with master and slave.
  • Advanced Scheduling - Controlling how your pods are scheduled to the nodes.
  • Ingress - Customizing the routing of published services.
  • RBAC - Role Based Access Control - Controlling access to your K8S cluster.
  • Monitoring and Log Aggregation.
  • Cluster Administration - Key cluster administration considerations.
  • Advanced Secrets Management - Integrating Hashicorp Vault to support "zero-trust" deployments.
  • Extending K8S - We will create our own K8S resource type and implement a custom controller using the "Operator" pattern.
  • A brief overview of other K8S tools and projects.

This is a core outline but can be customized based on experience level of the audience.

The bootcamp is $1,995 per person with a minimum of 5 participants.