Enclave Activation: 60 Days Migrate & Configure


Ardalyst Enclave Activation services work to configure select Microsoft capabilities that form a foundation for an enclave fully compliant with your selected regulatory framework.

Ardalyst’s Enclave Activation Service is an important step in achieving CMMC compliance. We’ll help you configure select Microsoft capabilities, prior to any policy development, that form a foundation for CMMC Readiness. Enclave Activation is made up of three major functions including Advisory Services, Migration Services, and Configuration Services to provide encryption of both your storage and network data and support the foundation of a secure environment. Ardalyst’s Enclave Activation Services can be included in a comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity program, or even as a stand-alone project. This offer will give clear understanding of compliance requirements and assess your current environment to provide configuration options for your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and/or Office 365 GCC High tenant to meet the evolving DoD requirements.

Advisory Services: Focused on becoming a true partner for your business, your Ardalyst Program Advisor (PA) will guide you through your enclave activation and provide inputs for your SSP and POAM with a deep understanding of your business model and goals.

Migration Services: Once your new enclave is setup, it's time to move your users and data. Ardalyst's Migration Services do just that. We'll take your existing users and data from your previous environment and move them to your new enclave.

Configuration Services: We'll perform the setup tasks for your new enclave, get you on your way to compliance by configuring the Microsoft Toolset, and test and verify configuration records and user accounts.

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