Azure DevOps Done Right - 3 Week Implementation


A well-defined framework provides you a way to plan, develop, automate and operate your applications in the cloud.

Cultivating a DevOps culture inside an organisation can be challenging and requires substantial changes in the way people work and collaborate. A well-defined framework removes this obstacle and sets the direction of your cloud deployments. With Arinco’s expertise in Azure DevOps and Azure foundations we will empower your team with a way to plan, develop, automate and operate your applications on the Azure cloud.

This 3-week engagement is relevant if you: ​

  • Want to leverage a established framework to adopt a DevOps culture in your organisation​
  • Are running an Azure environment without, well-defined automated processes and/or tooling​
  • Wish to accelerate your adoption of Azure DevOps​
  • Need assistance with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework and integrating services with Azure DevOps.

As part of this engagement, Arinco will work with your team to:

  • Understand key strategies to effectively plan the deployment of your application.
  • Utilise Azure DevOps Boards to create epics, backlogs and track bugs, aligned to best practice development methodologies.
  • Understand common branching strategies and how to integrate your code.
  • Integrate automated testing and branch policies to successfully test and review your code.
  • Build CI/CD pipelines to automate the deployment of your code with governed environments and approval stages.
  • Maintain and monitor your applications using rich telemetry and identify issues before they hit production.