Integration Done Right - 10 Week Implementation


Simplify digital ecosystems with seamless, scalable, and secure integrations.

Integration Done Right with Arinco

Integration Done Right is a consulting service providing comprehensive solutions for organizations aiming to implement robust integration strategies using Azure Integration Services. Our solution is designed to simplify the process of establishing and managing integrations, enabling organizations to harness the advantages of a well-integrated digital ecosystem.

Our solution includes the deployment of Azure Integration Services including Azure API Management, customised to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. We tailor the integration architecture and configurations to align with your operational needs. Additionally, we provide sample workflows to test and validate the deployment, ensuring a seamless experience for your development team.

Our consulting services are delivered by a team of experienced experts who have a deep understanding of modern integration architectures and can guide you through the entire process, from design to implementation. Our team can also provide ongoing support, maintenance, and optimisation services to ensure your intetgrations are always operating at an optimum level.

The Integration Platform Design phase will encompass the following:

  • Review and assess the existing Azure environment's readiness for the integration platform deployment.
  • Identify required configuration adjustments to the Azure environment.
  • Define integration architecture and patterns.
  • Design integration environments, including networking.
  • Plan integration monitoring, policies, and scaling.
  • Consider design aspects for Disaster Recovery (DR)/Availability and backup.
  • Address integration security design.
  • Design Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) environments.
  • Design integration within your Azure landing zones.
  • Define integration roles and responsibilities for your IT team(s).

The Integration Platform Service Enablement phase will encompass the following:

  • Deployment of Integration shared components to support workloads including Application Insights, Log Analytics, Key Vault, Service Bus, Application Configuration
  • Deployment of API Management related shared components including Key Vault, Application Insights and Log Analytics.
  • Deployment of a shared API Management to a single Azure region
  • Configuration of API Management policies
  • Integration of Application Gateway with API Management, as required.
  • Setting up of CI/CD using Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions

The Integration Pilot Use Case Implementation will encompass the folllowing:

  • Design of API operations including Open API Spec, Sequence Diagram, Business Rules etc.
  • Building artifacts for the first pilot APIs (i.e., APIs, operations, policies, service bus queues, etc.) including what might be required for OpenAPI Specification support.
  • Deployment of pilot API and artifacts through CI/CD
  • Publishing of the API to API Management.
  • Publishing Queues and Topics to Service Bus