OpenAI Value Discovery Workshop


Combine small team of stakeholders with our OpenAI experts to create value-driven use cases of OpenAI for your organisation.

Azure OpenAI provides a range of features, such as writing assistance, data-based reasoning, summarisation and code generation. Co-create meaningful and valuable use cases in one or two workshops (depending on the size of your stakeholder team), perfectly crafted to make your organisation perform better and stand out.

In summary

The OpenAI Value Discovery Workshop is an excellent way to gain an understanding of the capabilities and potential applications of Azure OpenAI for your business. The workshop is tailored to your needs (based on real world examples, either with generative AI or similar tools), and provides a multidisciplinary approach to OpenAI adoption. It helps to align the right stakeholders, to understand the problems and challenges you’re trying to solve, and identify realistic Azure OpenAI use cases that can be implemented using the existing Azure toolkit.


At the end of either or both workshops, your team of stakeholders will:

  1. Align vision
  • Shared business objectives and products / services
  1. Identify potential & define candidate processes
  • Understand problems and challenges you're trying to solve (as-is)
  • Select processes in urgent need or best fit
  1. Ideate on OpenAI solutions with experts
  • Become inspired by our expert time, create list of actionable Azure OpenAI use cases (to-be)
  1. Prioritise pilot use case & consider governance, ethics and limitations
  • Set steps for prioritised pilot business use case with high impact and estimate of organisational impact
  • Be aware of governance setup, ethical AI use and known limitations

This pilot use case will be the starting point of implementing Azure OpenAI services in your business, where you can use this knowledge to further expand operational efficiency and identify potential business models using Azure.

Client investment: 1 or 2 days of stakeholder involvement, 0,5d end report presentation.

Workshops can be given in English, Dutch and French, with Belgian natives. Offering combined with MbarQ.