AI Production & Planning Optimization: 4 wk impl.


Are you struggling with production, planning or scheduling in your organization? We've worked on different successful Azure AI implementations that assist our customers in these processes.

Every industry, from manufacturing to healthcare encounters production, planning or scheduling problems. Whether it's optimizing the production line in a factory or developing a staff planning for a large hospital, an AI assistant can help you perform those activities easier. Thanks to our team's prior experience with the Azure AI platform, we can assist you to implement the right logic and algorithms for your business case. Using different Azure AI platform components, we can build an end-to-end solution that can optimize your workforce's struggles.

During a 4 week consulting track, we'll focus on your companies' production, scheduling or planning problem to develop a tailor-made solution. After an intensive analysis, we'll start by applying Azure AI platform components and AI techniques (like Job-Shop scheduling, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms or population search algorithms). Whether the outcome is a Proof of Concept or a production-ready result depends on the constraints and complexities of your company's specific situation.

An outline for the 4 week implementation:

  • Week 1: Analysis of your companies' production, scheduling or planning process
  • Week 2: Mapping the best AI techniques and Azure AI services to your specific business case, prototyping and validation, and presentation of our findings to the project stakeholders
  • Week 3: After validation by the project stakeholders, start development of the Proof of Value
  • Week 4: Further development and delivery of the Proof of Value, closing management presentation including recommendations for next steps