Armor SOC2 Readiness Assessment


Armor’s AICPA SOC2 Readiness Assessment gives you confidence in your security controls and business operations as you move towards becoming certified.

Creating and maintaining a compliant environment across cloud and hybrid environments is a complex undertaking. Armor Readiness Assessments are crafted to ensure your Azure and other environments are aligned with the compliance frameworks in mind. We are then able to make the necessary recommendations for configuration changes to successfully pass your audit.

Armor's AICPA SOC2 Readiness Assessment is designed to help the organization’s security leadership gauge its preparedness for SOC2, in both Azure and non-Azure environments.

Armor will conduct a detailed cyber-security assessment across your business operations that includes:

  • High level gap analysis to review of key building blocks as required for the certification, including risk assessment, gap analysis, statement of applicability critical policies and procedures, management reviews, etc.
  • Assess alignment of your infosec deployment, including Microsoft Security, with SOC2.
  • Make specific recommendations to ensure deployed Microsoft Security controls provide the intended protection to mission critical assets.
  • Fully exploit the information available in Azure Sentinel, or other Security Event Incident Monitoring systems, to promote an ongoing posture of risk resilience for the organization.

Completing the Readiness Assessment (which can also be leveraged as the required Internal Audit) for the defined scope object to:
  • Establish the existing cybersecurity posture.
  • Complete a Gap Analysis of existing controls with reference to the SOC2
  • Create a Remediation Roadmap