Cloud Migration Discovery: 6-Wk Assessment

Arq Group

Discover how the scale, flexibility, agility and consumption based pricing of cloud services platform can be used as part of a program of work to re-platform and re-architect your business systems

Arq Group's Cloud Migration Discovery Services can assist in accelerating the adoption of cloud services and supports these objective with the migration of identified workloads or business components as a validation point. The focus of this service is the security, governance and operational aspects of cloud adoption with specific recognition of the integration and inter-reliance under a hybrid on premise and cloud models.

We leverage key aspects of the Arq Group's Cloud Migration Framework to support the migration of a nominated workload to the cloud to validate the solution approach. Taking this approach allows for migration tooling and solutions to be used at a later stage, assuming the adoption of cloud services is approved, over a wider workload model.

  1. Sprint 1 – Architecture & Strategy Workshops; a high level but holistic view of workload environments, identify dependencies and interrelation of systems, target migration strategies and identify the supporting material. Deliverables; a Business Requirements and Project Definition document, workload classification spreadsheet, High Level Design and TCO document

  2. Sprint 2 – Operational Automation; the solution architecture identified in the previous sprint is translated into an operational model that can be orchestrated to simplify deployment and ongoing operational management. Focus will be on the development of models and principles for cost allocation, rightsizing and use of commercial levers to minimise cloud costs. Deliverables; Detailed Design Document, Operational Environment Build out, and Enablement session.

  3. Sprint 3: Migrate identified workloads and Validate Functionality; a collaborative effort with customers IT team to identify workloads to be live migrated into the cloud service and operated as production systems ongoing. Deliverables; Migration schedule, Migration & workload validation plans, Migration completion, Close out work shop & lessons learned document.