Data Platform 3 Day Assessment


Become ready to be more data driven with ARQ Groups 3 day comprehensive assessment of your current data landscape and business data needs, allowing you to shape your Azure Data Platform

The data in your business contains more value than you might realise so by combining, analysing and presenting the data the right way, there is a lot of insight to be gained to make informed decisions across a number of key business areas.

Many businesses do have the ambition to become more data driven, and derive more value from the data that's available in their systems. To do so, a robust data platform is needed, where data comes together from multiple sources, is cleaned and shaped, and made ready for analysis. In this assessment, ARQ Group focuses on your business data needs, analyses the systems that contain your data, and charts a clear path to an Azure Data Platform that is able to provide you with the information that you need. Current data sources and business information needs are projected on the Azure Data Platform Services, which results in actionable advice.

Assessment structure:

  • Define goals and vision
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • System analysis of data sources
  • Present outcomes and generate delivery road map