Windows Virtual Desktop - 1 Week -Proof of Concept

Arraya Solutions

Windows Virtual Desktop pilot deployment - 1 week engagement, with workshops, up to 3 applications published, and a custom image for your Organization

Arraya Solutions’ Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment Services can help organizations expand their remote work footprint. Our team will work alongside onsite teams to architect and deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop environment that is tuned to provide immediate and lasting value. Promoting and supporting a culture of workplace flexibility. As part of Arraya Solutions’ Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment Services, organizations will receive the following:

  • Environmental Readiness Assessment: Arraya’s engineers will work together with in-house IT teams to gain a greater understanding of an environment’s preexisting capabilities as well as its makeup. Arraya’s resources can then take that information and use it to design a customized mobilization roadmap.

  • Familiar Work Experiences: Arraya will deliver virtualized versions of Windows 10 desktops and Office 365 ProPlus productivity apps using the licenses organizations already own through Microsoft’s E3 licensing. This offering encompasses Windows 10, Windows Server, and even legacy Windows 7 desktops and apps (although, hopefully those out-of-support tools are on their way toward being phased out).

  • Full Operational Flexibility: Arraya’s resources can help demonstrate how resulting Windows Virtual Desktop deployment can be scaled up or down as dictated by fluctuating usage demands. Additionally, they can show in-house teams how to leverage multi-session, pooled capabilities in support of high quality employee experiences that also cap virtual machine usage to keep costs down.

  • Partner-Assisted Pilot Program: Before taking a solution company-wide, Arraya will assist with creating and overseeing a pilot program covering up to 25 users. Basic applications and tools will be put to the test across a variety of organizational settings, generating invaluable data that can help ensure success during the large-scale rollouts that follow