AI on Azure Solution - 2 Week Data Assessment

Arvato Systems

In our 2 week data assessment you will get an overview of your data, you will receive an AI use case portfolio and the possibility to implement it as an AI prototype in the Azure Cloud.

Our Data and AI experts evaluate your initial data situation with regard to data availability, formats and quality. Based on this, we identify your individual options for using AI in the Azure Cloud.

The process of the Data Assessment (AI Roadmap):

  1. STATE ANALYSIS OF YOUR DATA In the workshop format, we clarify the most important basics and analyze the current technical situa-tion of your data landscape. The focus is on big data analytics.

  2. USE CASE PORTFOLIO In the next step, the use case portfolio is developed and clearly presented. There is an individual pri-oritization of the use cases based on the benefit and effort for your company.

  3. READINESS CHECK During the readiness check, the selected use cases are examined and analyzed in detail.

Outcome: At the end of the 2 week Data Assessment (AI Roadmap) you will have an individual AI use case port-folio based on your data. We prepare the results of the assessment, present them and give detailed feedback on possible AI solutions. If you are satisfied with our work, we look forward to implementing your individual use case in the Azure Cloud.

Your advantages:

  • Transparency about the individual data starting point and gaining knowledge from data
  • Structured identification of relevant AI use cases for your company
  • The opportunity to implement the relevant use cases in the next step of our AI Journey in the AI Lab as a prototype in the Azure Cloud