Hybrid Cloud Management & Monitoring: 3d Workshop


3-Day workshop to learn how to manage and monitor a hybrid cloud with Azure Arc and native Azure tooling

The keys to proper management in any environment are consistency and repeatable processes. There are endless of options for the things that can be done in Azure. Likewise, there are countless approaches to cloud management. To provide consistency and repeatability, it's important to narrow those options to a consistent set of management processes and tools that will be offered for workloads hosted in the cloud.

The Arxus Management & Monitoring workshop will learn you what Azure tools that exist and how to use them to monitor and manage the workloads hosted in the cloud or on-prem.


  • Day 1 - Monitoring with Azure Monitor and Backup
  • Day 2 - Automation and Updates with Azure ARC
  • Day 3 - Extended Azure ARC features and approach of the Cloud Adoption Framework

After attending this masterclass, you will have gained the following insights:

  • You know how to monitor your environment using Azure Monitor.
  • You know how to backup Workloads using Azure Backup.
  • You know how to manage Virtual Machine updates using Azure Automation.
  • You know how to perform management and monitoring of resources outside of Azure using Azure ARC using native Azure tools.
  • You know how Management and Monitoring is approached in the Cloud Adoption Framework.

This workshop is modular, so you have a choice of which topics you want to cover, which will vary the closing price of the engagement