HIGHLIGHTER: Business Automation 10 Wk PoC

Ascent Software Ltd.

An actionable costed plan for 8-10 week Proof of Concept

Ascent’s Highlighter engagements are designed to get you moving by breaking down the automation challenge into small, digestible blocks that require minimal commitment. We help you set out technical principles that pave the way for larger scale transformation - then road-test them in a Proof of Concept to demonstrate effectiveness and value. Microsoft will review your potential funding options and align outputs to your wider strategy.


1 hour high-level discovery call

2 hour User Groups & Principles workshop*

Actionable, costed plan for 8-10 week Proof of Concept

*Requires application & business process owners, technical lead, project sponsor


We use impact mapping to build a clear view of the relationships between your data, stakeholders, users and business objectives. We then use this framework to create an accessible technical plan for a Proof of Concept that clearly demonstrates ROI for your organisation. We work with you to explore user experience, scalability and security, measuring business impact and helping you define a practical route forward that releases incremental value.


Microsoft and Ascent have helped some of the largest organisations in Europe create efficiencies with automation, lowering operating costs, freeing up resources and budget to be redeployed more effectively and reducing environmental impact. We’ll work with you to accelerate your initiatives with modern cloud (Azure) native services.

Our Team focus on delivering richer, smoother customer engagements that maintain loyalty. Leverage robotic processes, frameworks and APIs to connect systems together, increasing the speed of processing and precision - middleware, APIs, BOT Frameworks, Testing & mocking and migrations.