HIGHLIGHTER: Data Ideation- 8 Week Workshop Ideation Analysis.

Ascent Software Ltd.

Surface & prioritise transformative data capabilities through interviews and workshops with key stakeholders.

How we help organizations surface, explore and priorities transformative data capabilities.

To realize their data potential, an organization needs to change the way it operates, which can cause uncertainty. To prove the benefits of a data-led approach and build momentum around a broader transformation, the early delivery of value is essential. As a result of this, our engagements are about identifying and prioritizing high-impact data projects for businesses. This is done against a set of impact and readiness criteria specific to the customer and business area and within a 6 week period for maximum impact.

An example 8 week project delivery with key activities and touchpoints:

• Week 1 – Kick off workshop – agree scope & business ambitions with key stakeholders. • Week 2 – Workshop to agree prioritisation approach (impact and readiness criteria), followed by preparation of prioritisation framework. • Week 3 – Workshop to surface the long list of ideas, followed by write up & prep for prioritisation workshop. • Week 4 – Workshop to apply prioritisation framework to the long list & agree a shortlist of ideas to take forward to analysis. • Week 5 – Analysis of ideas shortlist, including further follow ups as required. • Week 6 – Analysis of ideas shortlist, including further follow ups as required. • Week 7 – Report write up. • Week 8 – Playback report, findings & recommendations to key stakeholders. Discuss & agree the path forward.

Example Inputs as detailed below:

Defined focal points between Ascent's Data Consulting Team and the Customer Business, digital and data strategies leveraging Azure and Purview (Governance) where applicable Defined set of business goals and ambitions Org Chart Process flow charts where applicable Technologies currently used to allow recommendations of best practice using Azure and Azure Purview (Data Governance)