DB Shield-DB Compliance. 4 week Implementation

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Database Security and Compliance - 4 Week Implementation

DB Shield Azure Service protects databases with a set of preconfigured defenses, and helps build a custom security policy for you.

# DB Shield

Database Security and Compliance

The growing number of threats to databases and unauthorised access to the data within, is a major concern for CISOs.

The five critical security questions that are on the minds of all CISOs today are:

  1. Where is my crucial data?

  2. What is happening to the data?

  3. Who is accessing the data?

  4. Is the data private and secure?

5. Can I report on this?

## How DB Shield Azure Service assists

DB Shield Azure Service protects databases with a set of preconfigured defences and helps build a custom security policy for your environment – making it easier to demonstrate compliance to auditors and improve critical asset data protection.

The service cost-effectively protects your data from threats by monitoring activity locally on each DB server with minimal performance overhead and by alerting or terminating malicious behavior in real time, including virtualized or cloud computing environments.

All activities are recorded and stored in a Secure Azure SQL Database. Automated reports ensure clients are aware of what security risks are present within their environments. Clients can track authorised and unauthorised changes to ensure uptime within their application sets.

## Azure Based – Secure and Cost Effective

The DB Shield repository and application server sit securely within Azure. Thus, even if the monitored database is down, the log files and reports can still be accessed.

The solution has the following Azure components:

* Azure SQL Database (PaaS);

* Application Server residing on an Azure VM;

* Site-to-Site VPN - enabling secure connectivity to Azure.

Once the Site-to-Site VPN is setup, Clients are able to start leveraging other Azure solutions.

## Affordable Monthly Subscription

As a managed service DB Shield requires No Capex investment. It is quickly deployed to provide immediate business value and insights with no infrastructure dependencies. The solution is a fixed monthly fee