Migrate PostgreSQL to Azure 2-weeks Implementation

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Bring scalability, flexibility, security, and performance to your Open Source Database workloads, while reducing the cost of infrastructure, maintenance and support when you deploy on Azure.

We’ve got you Covered with Options

Multiple options are available to help you leverage the innovative technologies you need to carry your organisation into the future.

Lift and shift (Rehost) your PostgreSQL Database to Azure

  • Provide the availability, security, and performance you require at a fraction of the cost of running on-premises
  • Rely on the cloud platform built for enterprises to ensure that your PostgreSQL workloads achieve the scalability, flexibility, and compliance your business require.
  • Upgrade to a modern infrastructure with VMs and high-performance, SSD-based premium storage. By providing flexibility in the size and performance of storage and compute resources, Azure helps ensure that your PostgreSQL apps will scale to meet business demands.

Migrate (Refactor) your PostgreSQL Database to DBaaS in Azure.

Azure Database Services for PostgreSQL help you turn ideas into solutions faster through trusted, managed services for your favorite OSS engines. Azure supports community databases, which means you get the same languages, tools, and frameworks you love, backed by an industry-leading SLA.

  • Easily deploy applications to the cloud using your choice of languages and frameworks
  • Achieve business continuity and dynamically respond to changes in customer demand with built-in high availability and elastic scaling
  • Get unparalleled security and compliance, including Azure IP Advantage, and industry-leading reach through a global network of Microsoft datacenters
  • Flexible pricing


Week 1

  • Assess existing DB structure
  • Change Management assessment
  • Plan new database architecture and structure
  • Provision VPN, Gateway, ASR and S2S

Week 2

  • Provision Azure based PostgreSQLaaS or IaaS VM
  • Backup and archive content
  • Migrate workload to the DB Instance
  • Test and monitor new environment
  • Fail over and retire old infrastructure
  • Handover

Offer also available for the following OSS DBs:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • Mongo