Hybrid Azure Connectivity & Distributed Network Architecture - 1 Wk Assessment

Asperitas Consulting, llc.

Leverage a proven framework to assess, design, and implement a distributed network for the digital enterprise.

This engagement brings together enterprise architecture, network architecture, and security to ensure the enterprise matures their hybrid connectivity to enable hybrid cloud consumption. The framework delivers solutions for the common challenges of network architecture including: lowered latency, faster provisioning, reduced cost, more secure connectivity, higher availability, increased bandwidth, and increased flexibility through automation. Organizations that adopt a more modern hybrid cloud connectivity architecture that comes from these engagements will see enhanced resiliency, security, and scalability of their overall cloud consumption and usability. Services that organizations have realized significantly better experience with include but are not limited too: Azure Regions, Azure Cloud Compute, Azure Storage Platform, Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, outside SaaS services that run on the cloud, and more. Deliverables:

  • Executive Summary of Recommendations
  • Documented Current State of Hybrid Cloud Connectivity & Benchmarks
  • Recommended Connectivity Architecture & Automation
  • Documented Use Cases, Strategies, and Services
  • Strategy for Implementation of Recommendations

Our consulting team has the experience enterprises need to ensure they have a cloud consumption model that meets THEIR needs. Marrying the business needs to a well-architected architecture is where our team can help. Every cloud journey is different and requires a unique approach, the right expertise, and the right investment of resources to be successful. These are the areas that our services organization focuses on to help enterprise customers every day.