Azure Information Protection Training 1 day w/shop

AspiraCloud Ltd

Discovery and Implement Azure Information Protection with this customised workshop for your organisation

"What are we selling? - Discovery, Implementation, training and support for users wanting to adopt Azure Information Protection as part of their cloud security plans. What is the benefit this package? - Making sure your data is safe and used for its correct purpose can be a nightmare for any IT Manager.

Azure Information Protection used in conjunction with Rights protection services is a great tool to manage this.

AIP is affordable, built in to the heart of the cloud and simple to implement and use.

We know that your data is key to the success of your business and security is paramount. We can help train and support end users, techies and admins to make sure you are getting the most from Azure and the Microsoft Cloud. We can offer a mixture of formal training and consultancy to meet the specific needs of the business."