Cloud Adoption: 21-Day Azure Implementation


We implement projects and services based on best Azure cloud solutions.

Cloud by Asseco provides knowledge and expertise ready to be used in everyday work with cloud tools. The scope of our activities includes creating environments, launching projects and implementing applications. In order to create best adjusted approach to launch a project in Azure we learn your organization requirements and needs. The whole process is guided by our knowledge and experience, we also support the already working projects in cloud.

Why to choose Asseco Data Systems for Azure projects: Analysis and planning - preparation of strategy and migration plan. We analyze the real needs and the organization capabilities in order to plan implementation in the best possible way. We will select and provide expertise necessary for effective operation. Implementation - creating environment according to the requirements. We ensure such launch of the environment that will provide access to needed technologies and solutions. Migration - transferring systems and data to cloud. Each phase will be introduced step by step with due attention to its importance and purpose. Management - Management support. We provide best adjusted trainings and assistance in the organization development as new possibilities of the cloud ecosystem appears.

Your success with Microsoft cloud and support of the Asseco Data Systems engineers. Efficiency - Azure ensures access to high-performance virtual machines and services to avoid a bottleneck in your project. Flexibility - Full scalability of available resources and mechanisms embedded in services make it easy to adapt the infrastructure to the needs of the organization. Security - Azure is a perfect choice as a main environment for different projects. It is fully compliance with GDPR and fulfills requirements of many government organizations.
Reliability - Redundancy, multiple centers and possibilities of swift switch of traffic between regions make the work of end users and recipients easier.