Mainframe Modernization Assessment - 4 Week $ 50K


Astadia’s Modernization Assessment will give you a roadmap and an estimated cost to move your mainframe workloads to a Azure.

The mainframe platform is viewed as expensive to operate and maintain. Azure resource elasticity optimizes spend (can ramp up resources when needed, then scale down to reduce costs – for example, load testing)
The resource pool for mainframe skills is viewed as dwindling or shrinking. There is a significantly larger pool of skilled resources for Azure environment than mainframe environment.
Organizations often lack a thorough understanding of their legacy systems. Strategic decisions about legacy migration or modernization to Azure are often made without the necessary visibility into existing systems, making it impossible to evaluate costs, potential savings, time frames, and risk.
Assessment Deliverables:
or Unisys Workload Analysis
Point in time snapshot of the entire mainframe inventory
Complexity analysis
Application interfaces
Application migration and modernization to Azure risk assessment
System Interdependencies
Application physical and logical relationships
Source code, JCL, files, Screens, database tables
Functions, procedures, paragraphs, and external references
Deep Dive interactive flowchart
Comprehensive Reports
Complete inventory reports
Complexity reports
Dead code reports
Maintainability reports

Week 1 – Acquire customer inventory source, identifying any missing artifacts, acquire missing artifacts and continue until all inventory is received.
Week 2 – Load inventory into analysis repository, identifying during the process any artifacts that are mislabeled (eg, assembler macros defined as assembler programs) and correcting them.
Week 3 – Create high level reports.
Week 4 – Create Performance Optimization and Quality Assessment reports. Provide all reports as well as program flow documentation for programs. Provide a detailed roadmap for a migration to Azure.