Windows Virtual Desktop 10 day implementation

Asurgent AB

10 days implentation service to get Windows Virtual Desktop for Azure up and running i production

Get Windows Virtual Desktop up and running with our 10 day implementation consultant service:

We will during 10 days install Azure Service Windows Virtual Desktop for the customer and we will install your applications in Windows Virtual Desktop. All installation and configuration is made according to Microsoft Best Practice with customer policies and standards concidered.

The service contains:

  • A workshop covering the background and plan for the implementation where we together with the customer scope the implmentation
  • We will the run throught the prerequisites to be considered and help the customer make sure these are in place
  • We will establish AD Connection and Credentials according to customer policies
  • We will setup WVD and deploy the VMs
  • We will configure WVD access to AD
  • We will configure WVD
  • Together with the customer we run user tests and make sure everything works as expected
  • If the customer have applications to be installed in WVD we will install them

The result for the customer will be a Windows Virtual Desktop solution up and running i production.