Small Systems Mainframe Migration: 3-Wk Assessment

Asysco, Inc.

Three week assessment to investigate smaller mainframe systems in order to migrate to Azure.

This three week assessment enables the discovery and analysis of all legacy artifacts, its migration to the Microsoft platform, the planning for the migration and all key requirements and risks. The deliverables consist of comprehensive document describing the entire migration (plan) and target architecture in order to deliver a successful migration from mainframe to Azure. This also includes a full target Azure based architecture diagram for all the required Azure components (storage, network, VPN, compute, access, redundancy) in order to fully replicate at least the same quality of service compared to the original system. This also forms the basis for the cost comparison (and usually reduction) between the current environment and the Azure cloud. This SKU is related to smaller legacy/mainframe environments of typically below 100 MIPS or 300.000 lines of code.