Disaster Recovery Services: 5-Day Assessment


ATCOM SA 5-Day Assessment to customers, willing to implement Disaster Recovery infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Ecosystem

When it comes to IT risk management, two of the most common terms are Failover and Disaster Recovery. The words refer to processes that attempt to recover mission-critical data and systems to an alternate data center location. Specialized ATCOM Cloud Architects will offer professional consultation based on the offered 5-Day Assessment. Atcom SA will perform a full cloud disaster recovery assessment of your current IT infrastructure, network and existing applications. As part of our assessment we will provide you with a full report of your existing computing resources and a recommended future cloud disaster recovery roadmap. The report will also include a milestone chart of each stage of the delivery process, an estimated amount of effort required and any cloud licensing costs as well as any cost savings.  A Disaster Recovery assessment is a specific procedure where Atcom cloud architects analyze and target a cloud-only DR infrastructure approach for your organization.

Scope of Work • Compilation of a full list of all servers, storages, network and datacenter hardware in use • Compilation of a full list of all applications currently used and the supporting virtual infrastructure • Review of the current Internet WAN infrastructure, to ensure required performance and throughput of a cloud-based infrastructure is available • Mapping of current on-premises systems to cloud native or Azure hosted equivalents, as a DR step prerequisite • Creation of a report covering the DR deliverable roadmap, estimated timelines and effort

Deliverables • Atcom DRAR (Disaster Recovery Assessment Report) • Onsite or Online presentation of the report, with QnA session with Data Owners