Windows Virtual Desktop Workshop


Customer Workshop for Windows Virtual Desktop 1 day.

Atea Windows Virtual Desktop 1 Day Workshop

The WVD Workshop is a one-day engagement that helps the customers to get familiar with the WVD technology, set up a demo of the solution, receive answers to their questions and determine what the next steps.

The Atea Windows Virtual Desktop Workshop provides an initial one-day engagement with clients. WVD is an effective way to provide and manage multiple, robust desktop configurations at a predictable cost. The flexibility and agility empower remote, contract and temporary employees with access and the applications they need, no matter where they are located.

The workshop provides awareness of use cases, pricing, adoption model, best practices and Ateas captured knowledge on WVD. Clients also receive an overview of what the next steps how to implement a WVD solution in their environment.

What we’ll do during the workshop:

  • Focus on learning about the evolution of the Remote Desktop Services
  • Discover how Windows Virtual Desktop works and how to get the most from it
  • Learn about Microsoft’s approach to the Remote Desktop Experience through a live demo
  • Plan next steps like setting up customer core infrastructure in the Azure Cloud.
  • Licensing on WVD.