CloudTrack First Migration: 2 Week Workshop


During this workshop Atea’s solution advisors and consultants will set up a comprehensive migration roadmap and migrate customers first workload to confirm Atea’s recommendations and best practices.

Atea CloudTrack First Migration consists of 3 pre-defined workshops which are designed to help your organization achieve a successful cloud migration journey. Our advisors will set up a comprehensive migration roadmap that structures the priorities and activities. They will also help define which resources and applications need to be re-architected, re-purchased, re-hosted, re-platformed, relocated, retained or even retired – and at which time.


Week 1 (two workshops): First Workshop:

  • High-level migration project timeline
  • Setup of migration steering group
  • Solution assessment setup

Second Workshop:

  • Deep dive to the migration assessment report
  • Application discovery- PaaS and SaaS possibilities
  • Dependency mapping-internal and external
  • Lift and Shift-possibilities
  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Connectivity requirements
  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Identify the workloads for initial replication and migration

Following the second workshop our consultants will design an Azure landing zone architecture and create a Azure Migration Solution Design document based on previous findings.

Week 2: Third Workshop:

  • Landing zone design walkthrough
  • Migration Solution Design walkthrough
  • Change acceptance
  • Start initial workload replication


As an outcome of these workshops, the customer will receive:

  • An approved cloud migration solution design document based from the findings from the workshop.
  • A created landing zone according to best practices
  • First identified workload migrated to Azure

Once the first migration is completed, a session with the customer can be organized during which Atea and the customer can go through the findings/lessons learned of the first migration and discuss how to proceed with the next migrations.