Atea CloudTrack Governance Journey 2-Day Workshop

Atea A/S.

This Journey will help your organization embrace cloud computing in a controlled manner. This workshop will review your IT strategy, cloud strategy and create a governance team and communication plan.

CLOUD COMPUTING As technology is evolving, the demands from our users are rising with it. Cloud computing can be one of the solutions to meet your organizations demands, not to mention the need to be agile in the deliverance of new technologies.

THE JOURNEY Atea has created a journey for governance, to help your organization embrace cloud computing in a controlled manner. Atea Cloud Governance Journey aims to adapt the policies to create technological guardrails within the cloud environment to minimize management processes with implementation of automation. The journey is built on best practices from Gartner and The Open Group. Atea will help organizations mitigate known cloud challenges. Atea Cloud Governance Journey is built as a journey with 6 phases:

Phase 1 – Establish Governance Process Phase 2 – Organizational Requirements Phase 3 – Technical Design Phase 4 – Implementation Phase 5 – Deliverables Phase 6 – Governance Goal

This Workshop is the first phase of the Journey, focusing on review and planning. This will build the basis of the next 5 phases.

Agenda Day 1 (Technology Strategy) * Vision statement - What does the organization want to accomplish? * Mission statement - How can the IT help the company reach their vision? * IT Strategy (Business driven) – What does the IT strategy provide to the business strategy? (e.g. agility, time to market, business resilience, cost control, optimization of existing infrastructure etc.) * IT Strategy (IT driven) - Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the current IT organization, as well as the future optimization potential. * Organizational needs – What does the organization need to pursue its IT strategy and Business strategy? (e.g. need for agility, scalability, availability, capex to opex)

Day 2 (Governance team and communication) * Define the company’s key stakeholders * Create a governance team * Create a communication plan to control information under the process.