Azure Data Platform : 1-Week Implementation

Atea A/S.

Innovate your business though digital insights, with a highly scalable data platform foundation, build on our modern Microsoft Azure services blueprint.

Consolidating and intertwining digital information, from related data sources, can unlock new insights, use cases and opportunities for your business. With our vast experience as an Azure Expert MSP, we have created a modern, flexible and highly scalable data platform base blueprint, that can be deployed and managed very efficiently, though an Azure DevOps pipeline.

The Atea Data Platform base blueprint is based on the foundational features of the Azure Synaps service, in symphony with Azure Event Hub, Stream Analytics and Data Lake Gen2, while utilizing Azure Key Vault for security secrets and certificates. This solution will provide your business with a centralized platform, for managing datasets and key metrics from your digital assets, utilizing the modern pay-as-you-go serverless cloud computing power and scalable data warehouse automation workflows, provided by Microsoft Azure, as a solid data platform foundation.

With this base data platform offing, digital data innovation can commence, with full support for integrating advanced cognitive service analytics and flexible data source ingestions, customizable dashboards and API management functions, serving all your future data insight needs.

Kickstart your data platform journey today:

  1. Define your data platform goals

  2. Validate available Azure subscriptions

  3. Adjust our deployment blueprint

  4. Deploy the base data platform services

  5. Plan for next step assistance