CloudTrack Governance Journey: 3 Day Workshop

Atea A/S.

This Journey establishes the governance model and principles that apply to a customer’s IT cloud environment. It ensures that the best practices are used in a way that is correct for the business.

Atea CloudTrack Governance Journey consists of 3 pre-defined workshops which are designed by using Azure best practices, as well as Atea's experience in configuring Azure environments as a proven method of moving the customer to the cloud in a controlled manner.


Day 1: The first workshop aims to establish a good governance structure. It covers:

  • Set the governance team, stakeholders & communication plan
  • Review operation model and document.
  • Present Azure governance principles and adjust if needed
  • Mapping Azure policies and guidelines, compliance laws & regulations
  • Mapping of Azure name standards, capital expenditure & access control

Day 2:

The second workshop helps understand the organisation operational model and works to transform the governance model and build the correct cloud policies, aligning them with the cloud journey and the customers cloud strategy. It covers:

  • Plan for cloud adoption of the operation model.
  • Transform guidelines to guardrails.
  • Transform compliance laws and regulations to compliance guardrails.
  • Create guideline processes where there is no technical solution to create guardrails.
  • Create a policy for the new name convention to adapt cloud capabilities.
  • Create a policy for capital expenditure.
  • Create a policy and plan for modern access control.

Day 3:

In the last workshop we review the findings as well as the defined elements to ensure a secure and stable cloud platform. It covers:

  • Present findings form the first workshop
  • Present plan for a governed native, hybrid or multi-cloud solution
  • Adjust a plan and documentation if needed
  • Plan for competency building
  • Acceptance from the organisation


As an outcome of these workshops, the customer will receive an approved cloud governance document based on the findings from the workshop in line with Microsoft's CAF guidelines.