Finance & Optimisation Azure: 3 Day Assessment

Atech Support

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current spend on cloud infrastructure, and provide a report detailing optimisation recommendations.

Companies are facing increased pressure to migrate their IT systems and applications to the cloud to improve the elasticity, and agility of the environment. Deciding what workloads stay on-premises, what goes to the cloud, and how to manage the transition is challenging. Mistakes can be costly and easily made. This is exacerbated even further once customers get to the cloud and need to manage complex environments. It is expected that more than half of workloads will reside in the cloud by 2020. Whilst this presents significant opportunities for IT Operations, it is a challenge to monitor, manage and minimise the ever increasing cost.

Atech Supports 3 Day Assessment/Workshop will help identify exactly:

1. Current IT expenditure

2. Key areas of IT spend

3. Projected spend over a 3 year growth

**With this information, we will be able to give you accurate recommendations on what can be done to optimise your environment. Optimising the environment will not only reduce your costs, but will also streamline your compute usage, and ensure you only have what you need in your live environment, maximising your efficiency. **

**The cost of the exercise is based on the size of the environment we are assessing. The total cost will be quoted and agreed before the project commences. **