Cloud Adoption: 2-Week Assessment

Atende S.A.

Atende provides Cloud Adoption assessment to help any organization succeed in the cloud.

Atende provides Cloud Adoption Assessment to help any organization succeed in the cloud.

We use staged journey to adopt cloud with confidence.
At the beginning we help to define business objectives and prepare the organization for the cloud. Our assessment answears why are we moving to the cloud and identifies desired outcomes.

The assessment can be used by any organization wanting to transform and adapt to new digital era.

    During the 2-week Cloud Adoption Assessment we:
  • document the motivations behind cloud adoption
  • Define cloud goals and objectives
  • Provide cloud cost analysis
  • Review infrastructure and applications
  • Identify best workload for first migration
  • Prepare Cloud Adoption Plan
  • Schedule at least two meetings to start the project and present conclusions.

    To achive the goal:
  • we provide proven tools and best practice to achieve customer objectives
  • Atende provides full support in cloud journey to ensure customer goals
  • our Cloud experts use methodical approach to guarantee required outcomes

The assessment is a good start point in your cloud journey. Contact us and let's start the journey together