Analyzing Data Pipelines - 2 Day Assessment


Analyzing Azure Data Pipelines - our team will carefully analyze your existing data pipelines and make recommendations for operational efficiencies with a translation to Azure Data Factory.

Data is the lifeblood of any business and ensuring that relevant data is captured and stored properly is critical to operationalize it. Atmosera has the experience to help guide and implement a data strategy that is right for the business task.

From inventory management to IoT we have you covered. Atmosera will provide a discovery session to look at the current application uses of the data as well as the data sources and propose a strategy to leverage resources in Azure to streamline both collection, use, and retention of data.

Collecting data from disparate sources can sometimes be problematic and currently in-place ETL systems will be analyzed for translation to Azure Data Factory. Atmosera will also review the in-place data warehouse and propose equivalent and many times a more flexible Azure based solution with Azure Data Lake.