Azure Migration Services - 2 Day Assessment


Looking across server environments, websites and more, Atmosera will assess your existing data environments and determine ways to most effectively optimize your operation through a migration to Azure.

Atmosera’s cloud migration services to Azure facilitates a move from on-premises, datacenter, private cloud, or other hyper scalar cloud currently running Windows Server, Linux, and VMware resources to an Azure environment. Atmosera conducts a review of currently running Linux resources and provides a detailed plan for migration of those resources to a new Azure environment created with modern and current best practices. The migration is then performed using a variety of methods like direct copy, ASR, back-up/restore to move the workloads into the new environment. Migrate servers to Azure for increased scalability, security, and cost-efficiency to accelerate business performance. Focus more on innovation and spend less time worrying about maintenance, with hassle-free upgrades and 24x7x365 support from Atmosera’s Microsoft-certified experts. Atmosera’s server migration services has enabled its clients to improve application performance, customer experience, and environment security. Migrate websites to Azure for on-demand scalability, geo-distribution, improved reliability, low latency, and release management automation. Deploy in a purpose-built environment expertly managed 24x7x365 to ensure continuous operation and updates.

This assessment will provide customers with a detailed analysis of their existing data management environment, including areas of opportunity for maximize performance, scalability and cost efficiency through a migration to Azure. Assessment will include a strategic plan for the best practices involved in a migration, and how associated business benefits of doing so.

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