Virtual Desktop on WVD - 2 Day Assessment


Assessment of existing remote desktop environment, and recommended areas of improvement transitioning to a WVD structure.

UWVD or Windows Virtual Desktop is the most cost efficient way to deploy remote desktop services. Atmosera first performs an analysis of the current remote desktop solution, or if none exists, the current method of providing applications to users and then proposes a WVD deployment that will be meet the needs.

Atmosera will deploy the solution and work with your teams to configure the session hosts for application delivery. Atmosera will then configure auto-scaling parameters to ensure the best balance between cost and performance. Once the deployment is complete and applications are migrated to the service, Atmosera will continue to monitor and maintain the environment ensuring that performance remains optimal and issues are remediated quickly.

This assessment will alllow our team to carefully analyze existing remote desktop structures, and provide insight for areas of improvement within a WVD structure.

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