SAP on Azure Assessment - 2 Day Assessment


This offer targets customers currently running SAP workloads, and will provide customers a complete SAP environment assessment with opportunities to optimize performance by running workloads on Azure.

Our team will assess your current data management and SAP environment, and identify ways you can improve the performance of your critical SAP applications by running them on Azure. The ERP system is the lifeblood of the business. Leveraging Azure for the underlying infrastructure layer just makes sense to take advantage of the latest hardware, security, and flexibility of the cloud. Making sure that an SAP installation is deployed, configured, and monitored properly in the cloud is less clear. SAP and Microsoft have tried and true tested configurations supporting SAP installations. Atmosera has the experience deploying and managing these environments.

Over the course of this assessment, Atmosera will perform a needs analysis and discovery and provide detailed plans to deploy, run, and manage your SAP environment in Azure. Day 1: Initial assessment and discover of existing SAP environment and application workloads Day 2: Completion of assessment and presentation of opportunities for SAP workloads optimization running on Microsoft Azure