Atos Fabric: 1-hour Assessment


Brings innovative new digital experiences faster.New (greenfield) applications, based on Microservices, will be build, tested and deployed on Azure (Stack) Infrastructure as Cloud Native Applications.

The assessment contains a one hour joint conversation with your business and IT owner. The assessment will result in concrete actions and an estimated first timeline on how your company can benefit from creating and managing new cloud-native applications with the Atos Fabric solution. Atos Managed PaaS is powered by Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, it provides a comprehensive, policy driven, cloud application platform. Advanced Application Orchestration is the decisive solution for automation and efficiency improvement. Atos Managed Microsoft Azure Service Fabric removes the need to learn how to build, deploy, operate and maintain a highly complex & distributed set of systems. It enables the user to simply consume and focus on the benefits derived from evolving to an enterprise PaaS architecture for developing and running modern Microservices–based application services. The Atos Managed Microsoft Azure Service Fabric is: a pre-provisioned and configured platform, fully managed, including Service Management and embedded hybrid Azure Cloud infrastructure as a landing place for the applications.