The Digital Decarbonization: 8-week Assessment

Atos International SAS

The Digital Decarbonization Assessment provides insight in your current and desired maturity level of IT decarbonization practices and provides a roadmap presenting how to achieve this maturity state.

Pressure is increasing from clients, investors, shareholders and society. They expect businesses to be ethical and transparent about environmental impact and, more concretely, carbon emissions.

To demonstrate your organization’s intent and progress in fighting climate change, partner with Atos on a Digital Decarbonization Assessment (DDA).

The DDA is a 6-8-week study of your current maturity, IT carbon emissions, organizational ambition and carbon-reduction actions to show you how and where to effectively move forward on decarbonization.

Our methodology is structured into six cohesive components that function independently or progressively depending on your requirements.

  1. Workshop to define the organization’s decarbonization ambition
  2. Assessment questionnaire and interviews
  3. Validation of responses and other inputs
  4. Maturity evaluation and carbon calculation
  5. Roadmap and measurement of progress toward specific goals
  6. Detailed report on all components, including decarbonization benefits of adoption of cloud services with Microsoft Azure

At the end of the assessment, you’ll:

  • Know your decarbonization maturity - Each DDA begins with an Ambition Workshop and a full decarbonization maturity assessment.

  • Have clear goals and challenges - DDA provides clarity on your organizational ambitions and hurdles across 9 aspects of the IT function that have a carbon impact. Decarbonization goals and benefits by leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud services.

  • Receive expert advice on your best steps forward - The DDA roadmap shows your low-hanging fruit, for quick wins, plus a structured action plan with longer timelines.