Integration Architecture Assessment : 5 Wk

Atos International SAS

Integration architecture assessment of the of the current platform for enterprises to formulate an Integration Strategy, Roadmap and architecture leveraging Azure framework.

The offering is for doing an Integration architecture assessment of the of the current platform for formulating an Integration Strategy, Roadmap and architecture leveraging Azure framework. Consideration are given to the following aspects - Analyse the current issues, challenges and gaps in the Integration Capabilities and provide recommendation for improvements. Leveraging Azure tools and framework for different integration objectives and provide a quick time to value. Identify low hanging fruits and provide a short and long term plans for building the Integration Capabilities to address the business vision and goals for integration domain. Key activities involved - Assess maturity of the Integration capabilities across people, processes, information and BI mission. Leverage proven evaluation, frameworks to assess, define and deliver Integration architecture definition and roadmap. Identify target maturity state to deliver required value. Develop plan to move towards target integration maturity. Establish on-going measurement framework and processes.

Key business challenges of clients - The promised flexibility and re-use are not being realized. Integration and maintenance costs continue to increase. The business is dissatisfied with time-to-market on projects and implementations. Applications are sprawling and the business is asking for even greater application diversity. Tool focus, which can result in chaotic implementation.

Key technology challenges of clients - Lack of visibility into what integrations exist and how they’re leveraged. Complexity of managing multiple integration tools and approaches. Outdated, inflexible systems that are not well-positioned to integrate with other platforms. Cloud strategies, mobile applications and expanding information opportunities are adding further complexity to the integration space. Tool focus, which can result in chaotic implementation.

Benefits to clients- Experienced professionals who have Integration architecture and implementation experience in technology transformations across sectors. Definition and implementation of integration strategies, roadmaps and architectures to enable integration capability through transformation of key facets. Definition of microservices, API management and process management strategies such as API Gateway, ESB, MQ, Eventing and BPM focused on reducing the cost and time-to-market

Atos differentiators- Extensive expertise in the architecture transformation and modernization domain to address business pains areas and business objective providing business efficiencies Leverage best practices and past expertise while building the target state for ensuring business insights and decision making. We will build upon our knowledge of your as-is environment together with our understanding of your strategic technology direction. Leverage a pragmatic approach to technology, leveraging tools and methods. Increased buy-in for Integration initiatives Improved organizational structure and alignment As part of our Integration Assessment and Strategy services, we quickly establish the capabilities needed for successful integration and then help our clients build out an overall competency over time using proven assets and tools

Pricing given is estimated considering an average involvement of 3 consultants for 5 weeks.