Sentinel Scope Assessment Workshop, 1-day

Atos International SAS

Scope assessment workshop for parameter determination necessary to expediently establish Azure Sentinel in customer landscape for strengthening cyber defense.

You strive for a strong cyber security positioning in the detect, respond and recover area?

You want to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) in your landscape?

With our initial online 1- day “Azure Sentinel requirements & scope assessment workshop” your foundation for a well-structured course of action is laid. Target audience for this workshop are IT and cyber security managers and responsible administrators.


  • Determine your requirements (technical, organizational, compliance, …)
  • Which areas and use-cases are relevant for implementation / integration?
  • What scope of services / licenses do you require?
  • What operation model is suitable/desired?
  • High level architecture blueprint.

On this basis concrete, well-fitting quotations can be placed and thus “subsequent surprises” are avoided.

Atos offers a range of professional services in this field to support you in achieving your goals. Benefit from the combination of Microsoft’s cloud native SIEM with Atos’ Security Operation excellence as the basis for a secure cloud-centric IT.