Predictive Order Management System: 8-Wk Implementation

Datamind Bilişim A.Ş.

Implementing AI Based Predictive Order Management System at manufacturing and retail businesses to deliver daily optimized, order and opportunity suggestions sales teams.

A lean, efficient supply chain is an important goal for virtually any business involved in manufacturing, distribution or retail. The biggest challenge for manufacturers and retailers who operates across different locations is lack of data integration and insight. Manufacturers experience losses due to stock-outs and margin erosion because their orders aren’t aligned to consumer demand. Since sales teams have very limited time per customer an ideal solution should help sales teams to understand customer and recommend applicable actions before visits. Datamind Predictive Order Management Solution improves supply chains effectiveness by analyzing the data across different systems , and produce valuable insights powered by artificial intelligence Solution uses data and trends based on sales history, promotion, sales activities, market segments, operational constraints , competitive intelligence, along with other external variables like events, holidays and weather to make recommendations on orders. With the decision support system created by Datamind Predictive Order Management Solution for sales and operation executives, business processes and customer experience can be more effectively managed. Predictive order makes companies catch opportunities, activate the potential in each location, minimize stockouts, offer most valuable trade promotions for both parties, optimize product portfolio, maximize display placement compliance leading to omnichannel experience for customers with the following features:

  • Deliver daily optimized, order and opportunity suggestions to your sales team
  • Discover which products and locations have maximum coexistence performance
  • Uncover hidden opportunities to increase penetration
  • Evaluate different scenarios to benefit from tailored algorithmic approaches
  • Control granularity level for the project steps

These advanced features are made possible with the following Azure services.

  • Azure Security Services: Azure's industry leading security capabilities including identity&access management, threat detection and data protection services provide end to end security coverage.
  • Azure Analytics Services: Azure Databricks and Azure Data Factory provides ETL and Big Data processing capabilities.
  • Azure Machine Learning Services: Azure ML provides the necessary platform to manage our AI features.