PoC App Modernization to Azure


We offer a consultancy and execution service to migrate an existing Web/Web API Application to Azure DevOps and Azure Services

We address organizations that currently have a set of existing Web or Web API applications and want to start their modernization with a first contact focused on one of them. The objective of the service is to take an existing application in .NET technology and that is hosted in a CPD or on-premises under custom source control, and to carry out the necessary work so that its source code is incorporated in a CI and CD environment under Azure DevOps, which can deploy it using the services provided by Azure. The tasks will be considered completed when:

  • The source code of the app is migrated and maintainable under Azure DevOps services.
  • A minimum Azure infrastructure is created to serve the application functionality under the premises of scalability, security, and resilience. That includes database such Azure SQL or Azure Cosmos and a preproduction and production environment.
  • The application backend and its dependencies are evolved to .NET Core and container ready.
  • The application frontend, if any, is evolved to Angular or React modern frameworks and dockerized.
  • An Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) is configured to serve the application.
  • A pipeline for CI and CD is created, enabling the application to be deployed on Kubernetes.
  • The application is tested to be deployed directly from Azure DevOps.

The estimated effort for a small application, consisting of 10 screens and 20 entities is about four-week. But this approximation will be reviewed with a previous analysis of the application and its dependencies.