Custom Bot Creation – 8-Week implementation

Attadale Partners, LLC

We build better bots with AI and NLP, and deploy them across a range of channels. Serve cusomters better with smarter bots, interact on the channels they want, and save customer service costs.

The best bots are aligned with your company’s brand, deployed on the right channels, and feel natural and comfortable for users.

Powered by AI and NLP, Attadale builds Azure Bots with rich features and more conversational interactions. This improves customer satisfaction and retention – which increases how many interactions can be handled without involving a rep and saves money.

Azure bots run on multiple platforms, including telephony, SMS, and online chat. Users can switch between channels or transfer to a live agent.

Many companies are inexperienced deploying the most powerful AI and NLP features. Attadale’s experienced team of data scientists and engineers can create an AI ecosystem to get you started. These up-front investments pay off through staff productivity, reusable frameworks, and improved customer experience.


  • Design bot requirements and develop an implementation plan
  • Set up bot development and deployment environment
  • Create bot dialogs
  • Train AI components
  • Integrate bot with data sources
  • Implement “adaptive” dialogs to more conversational interactions
  • Test and refine bot
  • Deploy bot on appropriate channels
  • Create and review documentation


  • Bot code base
  • Deployment pipeline and protocols
  • Architecture and dialog documentation
  • Monitoring and maintenance plan

Initial timeline is 8 weeks, but may vary from as few as 4 weeks, or 12+ weeks, based on the complexity of the bot dialogs and the integrations with source data.

Struggling with your broader ecosystem or additional AI features? We can help there too.