Azure ApplicationModernization-4 wk Implementation

Redapt, Inc.

This engagement enables you to identify workloads that are ideal candidates for running in Azure, provides you with a cost estimate, and helps you migrate the identified applications to Azure.

One of the biggest challenges facing large organizations today is modernizing various applications (such as those developed and implemented over the years with .NET and SQL). Legacy applications may not be able to take full advantage of today’s customer-centric technologies, like cloud and mobile computing.

Redapt’s 4-week, Application Modernization QuickStart combines strategy, process, and technical expertise to meet today’s most pressing business transformation challenges. Our clients benefit from enterprise efficiency, reduced cost, faster speed to market—and our clients deliver intelligent experiences to their customers using Microsoft Azure.

Our 4-week engagement consists of two key phases: ▪ Define client business objectives and project scope ▪ Cost estimates of Azure consumption ▪ Design Architecture

Phase 2: Migration Plan, modernization of applications and migration to Azure ▪ Define timelines, roles, and responsibilities ▪ Perform gap analysis of current governance principles (security, identity, cost) ▪ Migrate in-scope application, virtual machines (VMs), and databases into Azure